During installation of CentOS the installer screen goes black.

  • The terminal multiplexer is running in virtual console 1.
  • To switch from the graphical installation environment to tmux, press Ctrl+Alt+F1.
  • To go back to the main installation interface which runs in virtual console 6, press Ctrl+Alt+F6.

Available tmux Windows

Shortcut Contents
Ctrl+b 1 Main installation program window. Contains text-based prompts (during text mode installation or if you use VNC Direct Mode), and also some debugging information.
Ctrl+b 2 Interactive shell prompt with root privileges.
Ctrl+b 3 Installation log; displays messages stored in /tmp/anaconda.log.
Ctrl+b 4 Storage log; displays messages related storage devices from kernel and system services, stored in /tmp/storage.log.
Ctrl+b 5 Program log; displays messages from other system utilities, stored in /tmp/program.log.

Switching to Terminal Ctrl+Alt+F1 you see

  • X startup failed, falling back to text mode
  • Pane is dead (signal 10)


  • install system with basic video driver
  • install in text mode by adding "inst.text" to the end of the GRUB boot line
  • Press ENTER to continue with the normal boot.
  • Make selection from the above menu. Perform configuration and return back to the main menu by pressing the c key. Once ready begin the RHEL 8 installation by pressing the b key.