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Consulting, Systems Design, Systems installation, Operation

As a valuable long-term business partner we don’t do “gigs”.  We are a part of our team as if you were sitting there at the desk next to you. We are in a unique position to become deeply embedded into your company and processes, even if we’re working remotely. Partners go out of their way to work with each other, and support each other’s causes. Partners trust and promote each other. Partners know working with the right people is paramount to niggling over hours and dollars.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber security deals with all aspects of security in information and communication technology.
The field of action of classic IT security will be extended to the entire cyber space. This includes all information technology connected to the Internet and comparable networks and includes communication, applications, processes and processed information based on it.

We support our customers to protect their most valuable digital assets and provide actionable business intelligence to enable success

  • Cyber security strategies
  • Monitoring the situation and responding to incidents
  • Analysis of the current thread situation
  • Cyber security resilience
  • Configuration recommendations for security products and solutions
  • Recommendations for procedures, support and services
  • Penetration tests, information security advice and information security revisions
  • DDoS defence
  • IT-Forensics
  • Advanced Persistent Threat, APT response service provider
  • Programs and tools to increase cyber security

As new cyber threats and “day zero” vulnerabilities bubbling almost on a daily basis, it’s unrealistic to expect cyber security solutions to stop all threats 100% of the time. In all likelihood, your organization will fail to stop an attack at some moment in the future.

However, while you may not be able to control the circumstances of an attack, your cyber resilience solutions can control the damage.

By reducing the impact of an attack on business continuity and data integrity, you can turn a potentially serious breach into a minor inconvenience.

Cyber resilience requires cyber security solutions that can ensure business continuity and prevent data loss or corruption.

We are the right partner for making this a reality!

Global Internet Access Service

Our network maintains extensive peering relationships with major Tier 1 global carriers and access providers to ensure traffic reaches its intended destination quickly and efficiently. With this connectivity to the world’s leading data centres and PoPs locations, we are able to ensuring seamless internet service on a global basis.

Our global IP network is built upon carrier-class routing infrastructure, allowing bandwidth-heavy traffic to reach its destination with minimal lag or jitter. We continuously upgrade our network and assess performance to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure that there is sufficient capacity to handle sudden, unpredictable demand.

Our dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 network is built on carrier-class routing and optical infrastructure. This allows us to deliver line-rate IPv6 performance to every PoP and to provide IPv6 service seamlessly alongside existing IPv4 services. IPv6 service is available for all our existing IPv4 clients at no additional charge.


Managed Service Provider

As a managed services provider we provide IT support for our customers. Such service is often requested by companies that do not have their own IT department or extensive IT know-how. These IT services can usually be implemented remotely via technical interfaces.

At F1-CONSULT our award-winning customer experience lies at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to deliver the best customer care in the business. We’re committed to making your experience so good, you don’t even know we’re here.

Let us handle your

  • Infrastructure
  • Secure Internet Access
  • Remote Access VPN
  • SMTP Mail Relay
  • Web Services
  • Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Configuration management
  • Lift & Shift
  • Cloud Migration
  • Alert Response
  • Cloud Migration
  • Scaling


Actually nobody really know what SDN means anymore. The term SDN was coined in 2009, and at the time, it did mean something fairly specific. Now it is just being used as a general term for networking, like all networking is SDN. SDN is now just an umbrella term for cool stuff in networking.

You can’t just buy SDN.
It’s an architecture which you have to embrace and life

For us, SDN implies Managing the network through abstractions while still keeping the promises from 2009 in mind:

  • Decoupling Policy from Configuration
  • Physical separation of control and data plane
  • Whitebox routing and switching
  • Packet forwarding on x86 compute
  • Running networks in agile SecDevOps model

A lot of SDN vendors missed the origins on their journey but we are happy to help our customers through SDX, Automation, Analytics and Monitoring, Fault and Error Analysis.

Our golden rule hereby is:

Don’t make it simpler by making it more complex!

Privat and Public Cloud Solutions

Develop, Test, and Deploy Automated Network Configurations

  • Privat and Public Cloud Solutions
  • SecDevOps
  • NetDevOps
  • CI/CD Pipelines

Data Protection

Data Protection, Backup and DisasterRecovery Services

Risk Management

Today’s cyberattacks are bigger, more sophisticated, and more destructive than ever. All it takes is one breach to devastate an organisation, and tarnish its brand. Therefore, CISOs and CIOs must be able to stay ahead, proactively anticipating and minimising IT risks. This kind of foresight is particularly critical as organisations adopt public cloud-based systems, and mobility solutions, all of which increase the attack surface.

IT Risk Management is the application of risk management methods to information technology in order to manage IT risk, i.e.: The business risk associated with the use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of IT within an enterprise or organisation. IT risk management needs to be considered a component of a wider enterprise risk management system.[1]

The measure of an IT risk can be determined as a product of threat, vulnerability and asset values:[5]


A more current Risk management framework for IT Risk would be the TIK framework:


At times, the weakest cybersecurity link may lie in a vendor’s IT system—which means that organisations have to not only monitor their own IT risks, but also those of their third parties. They also need to comply with a range of IT regulations like GDPR, the SOX Act, FFIEC mandates, PCI-DSS, GLBA requirements, HIPAA, and NERC-CIP, as well as IT governance standards such as those set by NIST and ISO 27001/2.

We are supporting our customer in the context the following Risk Management Frameworks:

  • CNSS-4016 Risk Management Framework
  • ISO27001
  • BSI Grundschutz
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Managing all these requirements and risks the traditional way  is neither effective nor efficient. IT risks, regulations, controls, and related data are only growing more numerous and complex. To gain better control over them, many organisations are looking to integrate and streamline their cybersecurity management efforts.

The process of risk management is an ongoing iterative process. It must be repeated indefinitely. The business environment is constantly changing and new threats and vulnerabilities emerge every day. The choice of countermeasures (controls) used to manage risks must strike a balance between productivity, cost, effectiveness of the countermeasure, and the value of the informational asset being protected.