IPv6: Internet Protocol version 6
CIDR: Classless Inter-Domain Routing
ICMPv6: Internet Control Message Protocol version 6
NDP: Neighbor Discovery Protocol
SLAAC: Stateless Address Autoconfiguration
DHCPv6: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6
RA: Router Advertisement
RDNSS: Recursive Domain Name Server Option
DHCPv6-PD: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6 Prefix Delegation
MLD: Multicast Listener Discovery
LL: Link-Local
UL: Unique Local
ULA: Unique Local Address
EUI-64: Extended Unique Identifier-64
ULA-C: Unique Local Address-Constrained
LLA: Link-Local Address
LAN: Local Area Network
WAN: Wide Area Network
MTU: Maximum Transmission Unit
NAT64: Network Address Translation IPv6 to IPv4
DS-Lite: Dual-Stack Lite
6to4: IPv6 over IPv4
Teredo: IPv6 over IPv4 Tunneling
6RD: IPv6 Rapid Deployment
DNS: Domain Name System
DNSSEC: Domain Name System Security Extensions
DNS64: DNS IPv6 to IPv4 Translation
DSCP: Differentiated Services Code Point
QoS: Quality of Service
FQDN: Fully Qualified Domain Name
ACL: Access Control List
VPN: Virtual Private Network
IPSec: Internet Protocol Security
NAT: Network Address Translation
BGP: Border Gateway Protocol
OSPFv3: Open Shortest Path First version 3
MPLS: Multi-Protocol Label Switching
IoT: Internet of Things
IoT6: IPv6-based Internet of Things