CISCO – WLC – AP Not Joining Controller – %DTLS-3-HANDSHAKE_FAILURE


WLC error log message: *spamApTask6:  %DTLS-3-HANDSHAKE_FAILURE: openssl_dtls.c:844 Failed to complete DTLS handshake with peer


Failed to complete DTLS handshake with peer for AP 00:1d:45:36:97:30 
*spamReceiveTask: Sep 19 21:42:59.855: %DTLS-3-HANDSHAKE_FAILURE: openssl_dtls.c:631 Failed to complete DTLS handshake with peer for AP 00:11:22:33:44:55

By default, if an AP and/or WLC certificate has expired, then the DTLS connection will fail. To get around this we had to enable a command in the WLC that ignored the AP cert. The happened because the Manufacturer Installed Certificate (MIC) has now become older than ten years and has expired. To allow AP’s to join a WLC after certificate expiration, upgrade to the fixed software version, then use the following commands:

With “config ap lifetime-check {mic|ssc} enable” or “config ap cert-expiry-ignore {mic|ssc} enable” in effect, the WLC and AP will ignore the expiration date on the devices’ MICs and SSCs. The above-noted commands must remain in effect as long as devices with expired MIC or SSC certificates are used.


SSH into the WLC and run the following commands:

if that doesn’t help try