1. In /etc/init.d/checkfs.sh is the line if [ -f /forcefsck ] || grep -s -w -i "forcefsck" /proc/cmdline, so providing forcefsck on the kernel command line or generating a /forcefsck file on shutdown should cause an fsck on the next reboot.

    To prevent manual fsck runs, ask fsck to try to automatically fix errors with the -y option by uncommenting and changing no to yes in the following /etc/default/rcS entry, after the edit it should look like:

  1. One option (forcefsck or FSCKFIX) does not imply the other.
  1. according to manpages -c argument for tune2fs counts number of instances of mounts for a partition. Hence, 1 forces to check the fs after every mounting instance. (http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/tune2fs.8.html)

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